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Anam Music Therapy provides community-based music therapy services. Our mission is to provide accessible music therapy services to those in most need, while increasing awareness of the profession in Ireland. By working in a person-centred holistic way, we offer a pro-active approach to address societal healthcare issues.


Anam Music Therapy was founded in 2020 by Fabian Joyce and Lisa Kelly. Both from Galway, and both immersed in the Irish traditional music scene, they did not cross paths until they both realised the therapeutic value of music and their desire to help others. They completed their postgraduate training together in Music Therapy at The Irish World Academy of Music and Dance at the University of Limerick. 

Fabian and Lisa began to co-facilitate music therapy sessions together upon graduation and this is where they realised the positive impact their partnership was having on their clients.

'Anam' is the Irish Gaelic word for 'soul'. We chose Anam Music Therapy as our name as we believe that music connects us in a way that we cannot describe. It touches our heart, challenges our mind, fuels our imagination and reaches the deepest part of us - our soul. Music transcends all boundaries and its therapeutic values can be beneficial to all.


Creating Positive Change Through Music

Anam Music Therapy the only music therapy social enterprise in the Republic of Ireland. There are a large number of independent music therapists working in the country. However, funding for music therapy projects and initiatives is limited. This is something we would like to address and was a determining factor in establishing ourselves as a social enterprise. Our medium-term goal is to become Ireland’s first national music therapy charity, expanding access to music therapy beyond traditional healthcare settings. We aim to integrate music therapy into community settings and existing community supports.


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