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By incorporating music into your parenting toolkit, you can enhance your baby's emotional, cognitive and physical growth. Music has a unique ability to foster emotional bonds between parent and child. Singing lullabies, humming and rocking gently to calming music creates a soothing environment that can nurture the parent and child connection. These shared musical experiences can be calming and reassuring for both parent and baby.


During the sessions, music and song activities are used with the aim of:

  •  Enhancing parenting skills and confidence

  • Promoting positive parent-child interactions

  • Stimulating child development

  • Providing social support and networking opportunities for parents

  • Promoting positive post-natal mental health

My baby and I enjoyed Anam's Music therapy’s parent and baby group so much. My baby got so much out of it each week, enjoying all the beautiful music. The use of props aided my baby's development and the social aspect of the group was excellent for enhancing my baby's social interaction skills. The ladies made the group informal and relaxing which helped me to thoroughly enjoy the group myself. As a busy Mom, I found the group beautiful downtime, and a fantastic opportunity for one to one time with my baby. I could not recommend it more, and we look forward to attending again in the future.


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