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Our Vision

Here at Anam Music Therapy, we aim to provide accessible music therapy services to people in Ireland. We are an organisation that promotes improved health, functioning and well-being through music - something that we are highly passionate about doing. We hope to provide music therapy in schools, day centers, hospitals, nursing homes and in the community throughout the country.

Our Values


We believe collaboration is the landscape where differences can inspire. Collaborative working and developing partnerships are key to increasing the value and impact of our work.


Anam Music Therapy values integrity, fostering an open and positive working environment. A welcoming and supportive culture is central to our organisation. We encourage those working towards our mission to be guided by honesty, openness and trustworthiness, and by extension promote public confidence in our profession.


We take pride in delivering services of exceptional quality. We adhere to high ethical principles and professional standards.


We strongly value transparency, accountability and high standards of practice and governance within our organisation. All of our music therapists are trained to master's level and are a member of the Irish Association of Creative Arts Therapists. They also are Garda vetted and are insured to provide music therapy services.

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